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  • Best Wildlife: "Short-eared Owl" by Dave Fox
  • Honorable Mention: "The Painted Lady" by Lea Foster
  • "Deer in the Mist" by Shari Jardina
  • "Peach Bandits" by Sheila Ter Meer
  • "Buckeye Butterflies" by Jackie Huppenthal
  • "Taking a Stand" by Diana Hunter
  • "Webworm Moth" by Dan Hester
  • "Pretty Bird" by Lea Foster
  • "Graceful Elegance" by Lea Foster
  • "Great Horned Owl" by Martha Davis
  • "Cape May Warbler" by Martha Davis
  • "Coyote in the Snow" by Amy Chandler
  • "Chubb Lake Cardinals" by Larry Brechner
  • "Fox Pup Salutation" by David Bakken
  • "Sandhill Cranes at Jasper Pulaski" by Martin Boling
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Wildlife in Natural Habitat Category

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