• Exhibition designers left to right: Ezri Tarazi, Paulina Reyes, Abbott Miller and Christien Meindertsma
  • Left to Right: Jamee Field-Event Co-Chair, Christien Meindertsma, Paulina Reyes, Donna LaPietra-Event Co-Chair
  • Left to Right: Pat Graham with The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, Christien Meindertsma, Robert Walton, Melani Walton, M. Sanjayan with The Nature Conservancy, Pam Keiper, Will Keiper
  • Left to Right: Marshall Field, Tom O’Neil and John Kaul Greene
  • Left to Right: Elizabeth Bakwin and E.M. Bakwin
  • Left to Right: Connie and Dennis Keller
  • Left to Right: Fisk Johnson and Glenn Prickett with The Nature Conservancy
  • Left to  Right: Leslee Spraggins with The Nature Conservancy in Illinois and David and Avery Keller
  • Left to Right: Dennis Keller, M. Sanjayan with The Nature Conservancy and Robert Walton
  • Left to Right: Jay and Susie Trees
  • Left to Right: Donna LaPietra and Bill Kurtis
  • Left to Right: Geof Rochester with The Nature Conservancy, James Toney, Kate Denton, M. Sanjayan with The Nature Conservancy
  • Left to Right: Bruce Boyd, Lauren Rosenthal and Harry Drucker
Opening Celebration
The Design for a Living World Exhibition opened with a gala in Chicago in May 2011. Guests were among the first to see the display of products created from sustainable materials around the globe by renowned designers.

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