Jason's Journal:

A Humbling Experience

Author David Gessner and Western Illinois University Professor Dr. Amy Patrick Mossman spent a morning touring Emiquon with Jason.

I’ve always known that Emiquon is a special place. The lands, the waters, the birds and natural and cultural history of this area make it one of the richest places in Illinois.

But, when Dr. Amy Patrick Mossman, associate English/Journalism professor with Western Illinois University, contacted me and said Emiquon was exactly where she wanted to take visiting environmental writer David Gessner, I realized with delight that word is getting out; other people realize Emiquon is special too.

I gladly accepted the request for a guided tour of Emiquon and the chance to talk with Gessner, who has authored books such as Return of the Osprey, My Green Manifesto and The Tarball Chronicles.

They couldn’t have asked for a better time to tour the preserve. Fall migration is in full swing, and we’re seeing thousands of coots, pelicans, cormorants and many other species taking refuge here while they make their journeys south. And with the new visitor amenities, Gessner and Dr. Mossman were able to view the birds with binoculars and spotting scopes from our observation decks.

I’m lucky enough to call Emiquon my office and come here every day to work. Even in coming here every day, I am still amazed by the transformation this site has made in just five years. We have our donors and members to thank for that and hope their support continues as we expand our work in the future.

It was humbling to hear my sentiments echoed by an author who has seen some of the most beautiful places in this country.

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