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Marilynne Manguba

Protections Specialist

Marilynne Manguba began working at the Conservancy in East Idaho in 2004 and has been the Idaho protections specialist since 2005. In her role, she works primarily with the Director of Protection and conservation managers around the state on acquisition and management of fee lands and conservation easements.

Marilynne grew up in Southeast Florida and attended Northwestern University in Illinois. She then moved to Idaho where she worked for the Idaho National Laboratory's (INL) Department of Ecological and Cultural Resources.  
Marilynne and her husband, Tom, a retired INL engineer, own a small wine and beer store in Idaho Falls. In her spare time, Marilynne gardens, trains her German shepherds, dabbles in photography and spends time exploring the intermountain west.

“There is something awe-inspiring about looking out over a landscape that is relatively unimpacted by humans, something not many people get to experience," says Marilynne. "I think it’s important to consider the effects of everything we do on our environment and to minimize those effects."


Marilynne Manguba

Protections Specialist

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