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Bob Unnasch

Director of Science

Bob Unnasch joined The Nature Conservancy 25 years ago as director at the Ordway Preserves in Connecticut. He then served as the organization's national director of monitoring and research. In 2009, he assumed the role of director of science for the Conservancy in Idaho.

Bob has a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology and a master’s degree in Ornithology (Avian Ecology) from Rutgers University, and a doctorate in Evolutionary Ecology from Stony Brook University.

“I want to leave every place I visit better for my presence. How best to leave the planet better for my time here than to preserve its wild plants, animals and places,” says Bob. 

Bob lives in Boise with his wife of 31 years, Cyn, and their two sons, Colin and Christian. In his free time he enjoys exploring natural history in its original meaning and fly-fishing.


Bob Unnasch

Director of Science

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