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  • The Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi uses its aerial imaging technology to help U.S. Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin map his Maui palm forest. Photo © Diane Cooke & Len Jenshel
  • Kamakou, the Conservancy’s first Hawai’i Preserve, celebrates its 30th anniversary on Molokaʻi. Photo © Grady Timmons
  • Rebounding native plant life and a dramatic increase in wedge-tailed shearwater nests result from a 14-year restoration effort at the Conservancy’s Moʻomomi Preserve on Molokaʻi. Photo © Richard A. Cooke III
  • The Conservancy's efforts to establish Palmyra as a world-class laboratory for marine conservation and research is the subject of a national magazine cover story. Photo © Grady Timmons
  • An Earth Day art contest to depict the Conservancy's invasive algae removal project in Kāne‘ohe Bay reaches more 800 Windward Oʻahu students. Photo © Marc Schechter
  • Dr. Sam ʻOhu Gon, the Conservancy’s senior scientist and cultural adviser, is honored by his peers at the 2013 Hawaii Conservation Conference. Photo © HCA
  • The Conservancy partners with Alaska Airlines to raise $45,000 for coral reef restoration in windward Oʻahu's Kāne‘ohe Bay. Photo © Alaska Airlines
  • “Town” restaurant wins the Conservancy’s first Hawaiʻi Nature’s Plate award, a contest to find the island’s top “green” restaurant and raise awareness about food and conservation. Photo © Evelyn Wight
  • In 1985, Pritchardia schattaueri, a native loulu palm, was on the verge of extinction. Today, there are 600 growing at the Conservancy’s Kona Hema Preserve on Hawaiʻi Island. Photo © Grady Timmons
  • The Conservancy’s high-tech team uses infrared scopes to detect and remove all feral animals from 2,000-acres of Kauai’s Alakaʻi plateau. Photo © Ben Nyberg
  • Working with the State Division of Aquatic Resources, the Conservancy’s Super Sucker crew removes 250,000 pounds of invasive algae from 20 acres of coral reef in O'ahu's Kāneʻohe Bay.  Photo © Ian Shive
  • The Conservancy presents its annual Kāko‘o ‘Āina, or “Supporter of the Land,” award to a coalition of partners working to create a true mountains-to-sea ahupua‘a in He'eia, windward O'ahu. Photo © Grady Timmons
  • Float our Boat, The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii's first on-line fundraising campaign, raises $20,000 to buy a new workboat for our Super Sucker team. Photo © Kristina Jenkins.
  • Three years after the Conservancy helped remove 2.9 million pounds of invasive algae from Honolulu’s Maunalua Bay, a study finds that its native marine life is rebounding, with limited re-growth of the invasive mudweed. Photo © Jeff Milisen
  • Following a December day spent removing mangroves and invasive algae from Coconut Island in Kāneʻohe Bay, Conservancy staff say “Thank You!” to our supporters and friends. Photo © Grady Timmons
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