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  • The Conservancy’s 9,000-acre Waikamoi Preserve is the state's largest private nature preserve and an ideal place to view Hawaii's native forest birds.  
  • Waikamoi is part of the East Maui Watershed, a 100,000-acre native forest that is home to the largest concentration of endangered forest birds in the U.S. 
  • A 1,500-foot boardwalk winds through a portion of the preserve, allowing visitors to have an authentic bird-watching experience with minimal impact to the native forest. 
  • At Waikamoi. you can see all six of the native forest birds found in East Maui.
  • ‘Apapane, a common native forest bird found at Waikamoi, feed on the nectar of the ‘ōhi‘a lehua blossoms.
  • A juvenile ‘i’iwi, a native honeycreeper, feeds on the nectar of the blue ‘ōpelu at Waikamoi.
  • The ‘alauahio, or Maui creeper, was once found on Lāna‘i and West Maui. Waikamoi is now one of the few places it is still seen. 
  • Waikamoi is home to the kiwikiu, or Maui parrotbill, a bird so rare its total population is estimated at only 500 individuals.
  • The yellow-green 'amakihi, another common Hawaiian forest bird, feeds from the tubular flowers of the koli'i, a native lobelia.
  • Waikamoi Preserve is a safe haven for the critically endangered ‘ākohekohe, a bird found only in East Maui. 
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