2013 Nature's Plate Awards

Take a good look at your dinner plate tonight. Do you know where your food comes from?

Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or a meat-eater, it's a good bet the healthiest and tastiest food on your table came from nature. From the taro loi that provides yummy poi to the apple bananas soaking up the sun at the farm in the country, to locally raised beef ‒ healthy food needs a healthy planet.  And our planet is nurtured when food production is sustainable.

That's why The Nature Conservancy is to working with food producers everywhere in the name of healthy food and a healthy environment, finding solutions that are good for their businesses, for consumers and for nature.

You can make a difference by nominating your favorite green Hawai'i restaurant for a Nature's Plate award. Wondering which restaurants to vote for? Consider eateries that are using sustainable seafood, free-range and grass-fed meat, organic produce, locally sourced food, and tap water (rather than bottled water). You can also check out the restaurants featured this year at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival “Taste our Love for the Land” event on Sept. 7.

Together we can raise awareness about the connection between good food and conservation. Now, dish up!

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