Eagles and Gators Can both Win!

And how are the real animals doing in Florida’s wild?

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL | March 27, 2013

Florida is abuzz with anticipation over the big state match-up between the Florida Gators and Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles on Friday.

For those Floridians torn about who to root for, The Nature Conservancy has a solution—root for both!

Because in our Nature’s Madness tournament both the Eagles and Gators can win on Friday!

The Eagles are facing a showdown in their Grasslands bracket with the Sage Grouse (a large chicken-like bird of the West).

The Gators are taking on the mussels in their Freshwater bracket.

To help ensure both teams advance, Floridians need to vote on The Nature Conservancy of Florida’s Facebook page. The Sweet Sixteen kicks the tournament off on Thursday, March 28, and you have until Saturday to vote for your Florida teams.

The Nature Conservancy has been working hard to protect both eagles and alligators by protecting the Everglades, which begins just south of Orlando and flows into Florida Bay.

“Florida is known to have one of the densest concentrations of nesting eagles in the lower 48,” said Greg Knecht, director of protection for The Nature Conservancy in Florida. “We have been working for decades with ranchers and other partners in central Florida to help restore wetlands and keep ranches from being developed. And we know this habitat is prime for alligators.”

Check out The Nature Conservancy’s social media Nature’s Madness bracket— which critter is going to win?

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