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Freshwater: Nature Knows Best

Florida has 50,000 miles of rivers and streams, plus many high-quality springs.

Freshwater habitats are one of Earth’s most endangered and least protected environments. They are also the basis of your water supply and mine! Florida has 50,000 miles of rivers and streams, plus many high-quality springs that bubble millions of gallons of pure, clear water daily. These also support a wide array of fishes and other fascinating aquatic species.

Many Florida rivers feed the Gulf of Mexico, and their condition has never been more important. If they are full of sediments or pollution such as fertilizer and sewage runoff, this further stresses the Gulf. Dams and culverts, habitat loss, and climate change also pose freshwater threats.

“When fully connected as nature intended, our springs, rivers and streams are stronger and more resilient, or able to resist natural and man-made impacts,” says Steve Herrington, director of freshwater conservation in Florida.

“With your support, the Conservancy team works in several ways – across Florida and beyond – to keep freshwater systems healthy and alive,” he continues. These include:

Resilience – researching methods to strengthen freshwater habitats
Restoration – pursuing strategies that restore and connect critical habitats
Acquisition – purchasing or assisting the purchase of large blocks of natural lands or systems
Policy and legislation – informing state and regional freshwater decision-making.

Here are some recent projects you may enjoy learning more about:

Manatee habitat protection

Stream restoration

Assisting migratory fish

For love of sturgeon

Over the last 50 years, the Conservancy has built strong partnerships in Florida. Our work is leveraged many times over by the support of public agencies, private landowners, universities, foundations, business and community leaders – plus thousands of volunteers like you. We salute you!

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