Why I Give: One Donor's Story

Whether you support The Nature Conservancy by giving time, money or knowledge, chances are you share our passion for nature. Read one supporter's story below and then share your own story!

Dr. Skeet Lores knows a thing or two about the environment. The retired EPA marine scientist and Pensacola resident spent decades studying the effects of pollutants in estuaries and he’s seen firsthand how perilously fragile our natural systems are. A lifelong outdoorsman, Skeet treasures his time spent outdoors hunting and fishing. He wants to see game species protected forever, which is why he’s chosen to entrust The Nature Conservancy with his charitable donations.


Why do you give to The Nature Conservancy?

Dr. Skeet Lores:

My family has always been interested in conservation. My grandfather owned a seafood and ice house in Alabama and he was an early conservationist. Back then in the early 1900s, bass and bream were commercially fished and he realized that harvesting during spawning season was decimating populations. He pushed for a closed season to protect those species. I believe that today, saving habitat is the most important way to conserve wildlife and I know The Nature Conservancy is doing great things partnering with states and private landowners to leverage donations and protect big parcels of habitat.


What is your favorite place in nature?

Dr. Skeet Lores:

I loved duck hunting here in Pensacola, but the drought of 2001 wiped out most of the submerged vegetation and the hurricane in 2004 got everything that was left. After that, the ducks just quit. So now I’m happiest wherever the birds are. I have a lease up in northern Mississippi that’s flat farm fields with a little bayou meandering through. A buddy and I used to go to Mobile Delta to hunt wood ducks. It’s just beautiful and special; a lush river delta with cypress trees and dripping Spanish moss.


What's your favorite memory or experience in nature?

Dr. Skeet Lores:

I can probably remember every turkey hunt I’ve ever been on. I started hunting with my stepfather when I was 13 years old and it’s brought me enjoyment all my life. The guy I hunt with is younger than I am and he asked me recently what keeps me going. I told him I just love it, getting out there, the sight of the sun coming up over these fields, the ducks and birds flying across the sky. It’s beautiful whether or not you even shoot.


What is your wish for nature?

Dr. Skeet Lores:

I always loved the Perdido River Management Area. I grew up nearby and it used to just be this big expanse of beautiful hardwood bottom areas and longleaf pine stands. Now that it has all been logged, it’s so muddy and boggy that you can’t even walk across it. You used to be able to see 300 yards through the pine woods, now the undergrowth is so thick you can’t see 10 feet. I’d like to see it returned to its natural condition, but I’d settle for a few beaver dams to get the process started.


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