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Invasives Reconnaissance Team

The Disney Wilderness Preserve


We’re recruiting volunteers to become a part of a special Invasives Reconnaissance Team who will work with Debi Stone during the winter months. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to seek out and locate the enemy invasive plants which constantly seek to infiltrate our beautifully restored preserve.

The winter surveys will be covering many of our wetlands. Volunteers will be traversing through cypress strands/swamps, marshes and cypress/mixed hardwood stands. Though the winter terrain is mostly dry or simply muddy, the Invasives Recon Team should be willing to wade into knee/thigh deep water if necessary. Volunteers must also be capable of walking through cypress domes and swamps containing submerged cypress knees and other obstacles. Not all of our wetlands contain deep areas, many are relatively shallow marshes; and during some surveys some participants remain on the shallow edges of the wetland. If you are interested in this project (even if nervous about the deeper areas), feel free to contact Debi for more details.

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