• Land Steward John Graham prepares 26 volunteers to plant vegetation, spread mulch and install deer fences at the Conservancy’s Milford Neck Preserve.
  • Individual efforts make a big difference as this habitat island takes shape. These small clusters of diverse native vegetation and trees shelter wildlife from weather and predators and attract the birds that transport and deposit seeds needed to rapidly regenerate the forest.
  • Modern technology can’t replace sturdy boots for packing soil. AstraZeneca provided matching funds for trees and shrubs and the GreenWatch Institute contributed towards the purchase of mulch and fencing needed to protect from deer browse and rubbing.
  • With planting finished, volunteers worked together to spread 18 cubic yards of hardwood mulch to protect newly planted trees and shrubs from the effects of weather.
  • Chapter Trustee Steve Thompson does his part to move mulch with a shovel. Volunteers contributed 150.50 hours of time to install the plants, mulch and deer fence. The planting of the remaining trees will occur during the Spring of 2012.
  • Volunteers from the University of Delaware, Dover Air Force Base, Bank of America and the Conservancy membership planted 433 native trees and shrubs, including willow oak, white oak, tulip poplar, red maple, sassafras, arrow-wood viburnum and winterberry holly.
Milford Neck Spring Planting 2011
In April 2011, the Conservancy completed a tree planting as part of its match component to a Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects Grant.

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