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  • On a sunny Saturday in April, 24 volunteers turned out to plant 500 seedlings into about 2 acres of the Conservancy's shortleaf pine restoration site.
  • Some volunteers walked up the Frog Pond Trail to the planting site.
  • After a short training session, volunteers began pulling seedlings from the shipping bag and headed across the site for planting.
  • Volunteers won't trip among the stumps of loblolly pines cleared to make way for native shortleaf pine seedlings.
  • A couple of years ago, Keith Maung-Douglass conducted research which revealed that shortleaf pines thrived at Ponders prior to the days of European settlement.
  • Some volunteers from Quality Bike Parts put in several hours of hard work.
  • The long roots of shortleaf pine seedlings characterize plant species which thrive in dry, sandy soils.
  • A second contingent of volunteers from the nearby Dogfish Head Craft Brewery arrive at the site.
  • The volunteers pose after inspecting the work to ensure the seedlings have the best chance for surviving. Thanks to all of our volunteers for a job well done!
Pemberton Forest Nature Preserve
2014 Ponders Tract Spring Planting

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