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Faces of Conservation

Although Mike Parkowski grew up hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania’s mountains and streams, he took to Delaware’s unique habitats after visiting the ocean for the first time when he was a teenager. Later, as a former Deputy Attorney General representing the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, Mike oversaw the Public Lands survey along the Delaware Coast, a monumental project that introduced him up close to Delaware’s beaches and back bays.

“We pieced together historical survey maps and documents to make sure the existence of these publicly-owned lands could never be disputed,” says Parkowski. “It was a great introduction to conservation.”

Over a 33-year career in environmental law, Mike has also drafted numerous laws and regulations as an attorney in the public sector and in private practice. As a member of the Conservancy’s Delaware Board of Trustees for more than a decade, including as Board Chair from 2008-2010, he has applied his experience towards working with government agencies, private landowners and others to protect Delaware’s coastal areas, as well as places like the Nanticoke River and the Blackbird-Millington Corridor.

“I enjoyed participating in the Conservancy’s Private Landowner workshops in the past,” adds Parkowski. “I look forward to interacting more with these folks since lots of what needs to be protected is privately owned. It’s an exciting time for conservation.” 

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