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  • Houses on Big Stone Beach (between the Bay and our Milford Neck Preserve) after Hurricane Sandy.
  • Prior to Sandy, a house filled this space.
  • About 100 yards down the beach, the first signs of the missing house began to appear.
  • At the end of the dunes, we found a lot more of the house.
  • A side of the house, a section of roof and the front porch wound up on the edge of the marsh.
  • The porch up close, with the marsh in the background.
  • This one's going to take a while to clean up . . . want to help?
  • By contrast, nature held up quite well.
  • The dunes took a pretty solid scouring.
  • And the marsh filled up with water. But it's built to handle that and still look gorgeous!
Superstorm Sandy
Storm Tests Resilience of Delaware's Natural Habitats

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