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Springtime Symphony
Ponders Tract Trail System

Land Steward John Graham has heard New Jersey Chorus Frogs singing as early as a warm day in January.

Any warm-ish night through mid-May will have Spring Peepers calling.

Pickerel Frogs will occasionally be heard anytime between mid-March and early April depending on rainfall.

More research is needed to determine the abundance of Southern Leopard Frogs, which have a call that may be confused with a Wood Frog,

Wood Frogs are known to be explosive breeders that may be heard singing on only a very few evenings in late March.

Cope’s Gray Treefrogs are thought to be an indicator species for high quality wetlands, of which Ponders protects several sites.

Green Frogs, which make sound similar to the pluck of a single banjo string, can be heard in several places around Ponders from April into the early summer.

Eastern Cricket Frogs, Delmarva’s smallest frog, begin calling in late spring and carry on well into summer, with peak season being between May and June.

“Classic” American Bullfrogs can be heard from mid-spring through late summer and is the species most likely to be seen by hikers using Ponders.

Day hikers should look for Fowler’s Toad along Ponders Road and the sunny dry sections of the Connector Spur trail.

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