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Samuel Rowlett and his Connecticut River Art

Conversations about the Connecticut River while building a canoe. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Abandoned Meanders workshop area. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Bending ash ribs for canoe. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Portage canoe. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Stretched canvas on canoe frame. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Landscape Painting in the Expanded Field (Mill River wading). Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Macroinvertebrate sampling on Yokum Brook with Mass. Dept. of Ecological Restoration. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Landscape/Portrait Wiki Map Project.

On the Connecticut River, paddling from Northampton, MA to Hartford, CT. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Street view of Liminal Portage, alleyway camping and community campfire at Parsons Hall Project Space, Holyoke, MA. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Canoe and campfire in the alley, Holyoke, MA. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Landing on King’s Island, Connecticut River. Photo © Brian Barry

Installation view of An Unnamed Flowing, Nowhere at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Father’s Day painting expedition. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

Entering the Park River, Hartford, CT. Photo © Torsten Zenas Burns

Park River entrance under Hartford, CT. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

View towards Hartford across the Connecticut River. Photo © Tom Adams,

After a thunderstorm, after Thomas Cole’s Oxbow. Photo © Samuel Rowlett

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