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Jan Koenig

Conservation GIS Analyst

Since joining The Nature Conservancy in 2005, Jan Koenig’s work has focused on geospatial analyses for conservation issues, mainly in freshwater and forests. She has worked on a variety of projects, including:

  1. integrating biodiversity data from ten of the Conservancy's ecoregional assessments in support of a basin-wide conservation planning effort for the Colorado River Basin,
  2. in collaboration with Colorado State University, developing a connected network of the streams and rivers in the state of Colorado and completing an in-depth assessment of the human impacts to each stream reach at both the local catchment level and for the entire upstream watershed, and
  3. performing geospatial analyses in connection with the Conservancy’s lead role in the 2009 Colorado State Forest Assessment.

She is currently working on a team establishing measures of success in the Colorado River Basin and on a project to highlight conservation values in the Yampa-White watershed in Northeast Colorado. She is also working on a project involving climate change and rare plants in the state.

Prior to joining the Conservancy, Jan worked as a scientific programmer and then as a nuclear engineer in the Nuclear Reactor Safety Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. After 11 years at Los Alamos, she joined a small engineering company and served as the business manager for several years.  In 2003, she looked for a way to integrate her appreciation for nature with her penchant for analysis. When she discovered the need for geospatial analyses within conservation and specifically at the Conservancy, she knew she had found a good fit for her broad range of interests. She obtained graduate training in GIS from the University of Colorado at Denver and volunteered at the Conservancy's office in Boulder for a couple of years before joining the organization as a GIS analyst.

Jan has a BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of West Florida and a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of New Mexico. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Ecology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is excited to be learning more about conservation science.  When not working or studying, she likes to hike, ski, travel, and generally enjoy nature as well as spend time with her family.


Jan Koenig

Conservation GIS Analyst

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