Colorado is My Place

Colorado River Photo Journey

Photographer Tim Palmer captures his favorite scenes from across the Colorado River Basin.

Who's Who

Hear from people who depend on the Colorado River system for their livelihoods and inspirations.

Back to the Beginning

Journey with Alexandra Cousteau and the Conservancy’s Taylor Hawes as they explore the origins of the mighty Colorado River.


Watch a Video

Olympic medalist Johnny Spillane has joined the Conservancy in an effort to remind all of us how we are connected to the Colorado River.


A River Steward

Taylor Hawes, Colorado River Program Director, talks about how childhood visits to her family's farm with her grandfather helped shape her stewardship ethic.

"Growing up with Colorado’s wild rivers and mountains was a major influence on who I am. I applaud The Nature Conservancy for its work to ensure that my children will also be able to experience our state’s awesome natural legacy."

— Johnny Spillane, triple Olympic medalist and World Champion Nordic skier

Have you ever gone rafting down a raging river in the Rockies? Looked into the seemingly endless gulf of the Grand Canyon? Turned on the tap for a drink of water in San Diego, Denver, Las Vegas, or anywhere in between?

The Colorado River connects all whose lives its water reaches—and as one of the planet's great freshwater arteries, it also touches those who have never seen its mighty flow. Explore our interactive map which highlights Conservancy projects along the length of this iconic Western waterway.

The Conservancy's "Colorado is My Place" campaign is an effort to remind all of us how we are connected to the Colorado River—and how we can work to ensure it remains a healthy resource.

What if everyone took responsibility for one small piece of the planet? Now you can.

Join Coloradans supporting the Conservancy’s Colorado River project. Together we can make a difference.

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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