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Amin Dabit Colorado 13ers 180x150

Amin Dabit
While growing up in Colorado, Amin had the opportunity to spend time in the mountains and took up many outdoor hobbies along the way: Fly Fishing, hiking, snowboarding, hunting, and Camping. Spending so much time outside Amin realized that conservation is a critical part in helping protect these activities and the environments that make them so special. After learning about the 13ers through some close friends, Amin decided to join in 2015 to help broaden support and recognition of conservation.

Adrienne Day Colorado 13ers 150x180

Adrienne Day
Adrienne grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but calls Colorado home. Her love of the outdoors came from yearly fall camping trips in high school. Her love of nature continued with her trusted best friend, who taught her about preserving the great lands we all enjoy. When she is not out enjoying hiking and fly fishing, she is marketing to adult learners for the non-profit CAEL.

Stacey Decker Colorado 13ers 150x180

Stacey Decker
Stacey Decker grew up in Norfolk, VA where she spent summers in the ocean and exploring the coastal wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay.  It was there that her passion for nature, the outdoors, and conservation first began.  She studied Environmental Science and International Relations at Tufts University and took every opportunity to backpack in places like Yellowstone, the Sawtooths, and the White Mountains.  After working for a children's science and nature museum in Washington, DC and a brief detour to hike and kayak in Alaska, Stacey moved back to New England and earned a Master's in Environmental Science and Education.  Stacey taught high school science until she decided that being home with her two daughters, teaching music, and working for a charitable foundation were more fun than grading papers.  Her husband's new job brought the family to Denver last summer, and while she misses the ocean, she is loving getting to explore the giant playground that is Colorado.  Her kids are too small to backpack quite yet, so until then, they can be found hiking, skiing, and throwing rocks in streams. Stacey is excited to have the opportunity to work with the 13ers to promote conservation and encourage philanthropy.

Hillary Dobos Colorado 13ers 180x150

Hillary Dobos
Hillary was born and raised in Denver where she spent many weekends hiking and skiing with her family. However, it was not until her time at Bowdoin College that she started to understand the power of conservation. Since then Hillary has spent her entire career working in the environmental field specifically on policy and sustainability issues. Hillary returned home in 2008 after living in Seattle and backpacking around the Southern Hemisphere with her husband. Hillary now owns her own consulting company, Lotus Engineeering and Sustainability, and loves exploring all Colorado has to offer with her sons.

John Franklin Colorado 13ers 180x150

John Franklin
John grew up on the mean streets of Washington D.C. His mom worked for The Nature Conservancy throughout his childhood so he often found himself playing on the floor of TNC's headquarters. After graduating from Davidson College in North Carolina, he discovered his love for the outdoors and conservation. After 3 years of skiing (and occasionally working) in Jackson Hole, WY, he moved back to D.C to start "real life" and completed his MBA at Georgetown University. Two years ago, the West called again and he moved to Boulder, where he is now the Director of Marketing for, an online store for sports nutrition.  

Liz Hatzenbuehler Colorado 13ers 180x150

Liz Hatzenbuehler
Liz grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, but now calls Colorado home. Her love for the natural world started as a child attending summer camp in the Smoky Mountains and continued through high school and college spending summer months backpacking, and canyoneering through southwestern CO. Those summer experiences shaped Liz, leading her to major in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of the South, Sewanee. Upon graduating college, she moved permanently to Colorado where she worked for The Nature Conservancy for 8 years. Liz now works in Public Health as a Registered Dietitian. She is thrilled to be reconnected with TNC and is excited to be a member of the 13eers helping to broaden support for conservation. You can still find her enjoying the outdoors hiking with her dog, biking, skiing, and gardening.

Janette Heung Colorado 13ers 180x150

Janette Heung
Janette was born in the U.S. but spent her formative years in the concrete jungles of Hong Kong. When she returned for college and began venturing into the wintry landscapes of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, she was mesmerized by its beauty. She soon discovered her passion for environmental stewardship. She has worked in public and private sectors to tackle environmental and healthcare challenges, including her work as an environmental risk assessment researcher at Harvard School of Public Health, a consultant to a number of environmental non-profits, social entrepreneurial startups, and government agencies, including Denver City/County Department of Environmental Health, and a management consultant to Fortune 500 firms at Deloitte Consulting. She holds a bachelor's in physics and biomedical engineering from Tufts and a master's in environmental health from Harvard. When she’s not at the office, she channels her love for nature by climbing rock and ice routes and exploring the great outdoors.  

Laura Isanuk 150x180

Laura Isanuk
Laura grew up in a small coastal town in New Jersey (yes, it’s the Jersey Shore, but not THAT Jersey Shore). Being outside was a key feature of her childhood, which fostered a love for the earth that has driven her to where she is today. She studied undergrad at Colgate University where she earned a BA in Economics and Environmental Studies and helped out with campus wide sustainability initiatives like composting. After school, Laura worked for UBS in NYC, but missed connecting to the earth so joined The Nature Conservancy young professional group. When Laura realized there is no better place to enjoy the outdoors than Colorado, she had to make the move and naturally joined the 13ers! Today, she is thrilled to be working for First Affirmative Financial Network, a sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) firm and enjoying everything CO has to offer from great beer to amazing views with all the fun ways to get to the top.

Greg Jackson Colorado 13ers 180x150

Greg Jackson
Greg grew up in Minnesota but feels at home in the mountains. He has been active in conservation since his first AmeriCorps service with the Student Conservation Association in New Hampshire in 2008. He has led dozens of conservation crews and volunteer projects in public lands from the Appalachian Trail to Denali, and now serves as a seasonal conservation work skills instructor with the SCA. He has been with the 13ers since July 2014, and currently works on the flood recovery project for Boulder County. His hobbies include backcountry skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, rock climbing, and eating at diners.

Wes Knoll Colorado 13ers 150x180

Wes Knoll
Wes is a fifth generation Coloradan from Evergreen, CO, and has learned to love many of the best things this state has to offer including skiing, hiking, climbing, fly-fishing and hunting. Wes became interested in conservation through observing the tremendous biodiversity in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem while completing his undergraduate degree in Bozeman, MT. This interest lead him to law school at the University of Oregon where he was able to work on a number of conservation projects, and where he graduated in 2015. Wes is currently an attorney with Lawrence Jones Custer Grasmick, LLP where he specializes in water law.

Ben McConahey 150x180

Ben McConahey
Ben grew up in Littleton, CO and has been exploring the outdoors from an early age. Whether it's fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, or biking, Ben understands that a personal connection with nature is critical to nurturing a conservation mentality with this and future generations. He is a former employee of The Nature Conservancy here in Colorado, where he led strategic planning of coalition of Federal and State agencies seeking funding to restore and maintain sufficient ecological flows in rivers and streams across Colorado and developed strategic plans for landscapes within a statewide conservation effort to protect 1 million acres of private land across Colorado. Now working in the water space from within the private sector, he was excited to become a founding member of The 13ers effort when the Colorado Chapter floated the idea back in 2011, and has diligently represented The Nature Conservancy as a volunteer ambassador of the organization's effort to broaden support for conservation.

Elliott Morgan Colorado 13ers 180x150

Elliott Morgan
Elliott grew up in Boulder, and certainly enjoyed all of the things a Colorado kid grows up taking for granted: Skiing, hiking, kayaking. It was the access to these and so many other activities that drew Elliott back to Boulder after completing a Masters program in Monterey California. Once back in Boulder, Elliott married fellow Coloradan and Middlebury Alumna Karensa and the two of them continued to make the most of the wonderful places just a short drive away. This past April, Elliott and Karensa welcomed their first baby - Isabel - to the family, and have already begun to get little Izzy ready for all of the exploring and adventuring she will be doing just as soon as she learns to walk!

Kristen Redd 150x180

Kristen Redd
Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Kristen Redd learned an appreciation for nature at an early age. After graduating from the University of Richmond, Kristen moved to the Vail Valley where she spent five years teaching 7th and 8th grade English before returning to her hometown in 2012. She and her husband share their passion for the outdoors with their baby girl and two dogs through hiking and camping trips, telemark skiing, climbing, boating, and enjoying all the amazing things Coloradans can experience in their backyards. Kristen’s love of her native Rocky Mountains is matched equally by her passion for the ocean. After being involved with the Conservancy's coral regrowth program in Nassau, Bahamas through the Caribbean Challenge, Kristen sought out more ways to get involved with meaningful conservation efforts at home. In the summer of 2012, her older brother recruited her to join him on the 13ers Committee, and she couldn't be happier to continue to help broaden support for conservation! 

Mark Winchester 150x180

Mark Winchester
Mark Winchester, originally from Georgia, came out west after college to work as a wildland firefighter and ski patroller. He fought fire in Idaho and across the west on a Hot Shot crew and spent his winters ski patrolling for Vail Resorts at Keystone. Mark now works with Quikrete, a manufacturer of cement mixes, and is a manager with their operations in Colorado. He lives in Boulder with his wife, their dog, cat and backyard flock of chickens. They are passionate about understanding where their food comes from and love to garden and shop at the local farmer’s market. Mark works behind the scenes to help his wife’s business, The Savvy Hen Urban Farm and Feed.

Mark loves emergency medicine and the mountains and can be found every weekend in the winter working ski patrol at Eldora, a ski resort near Boulder. He also loves exploring Colorado with his fly rod, mountain bike and running shoes. Mark graduated from Boston College’s business school with a degree in Marketing and also has an MBA from University of Colorado Boulder with a concentration in Sustainability.



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