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  • 1st Place: Landscape Category
    The Nature Conservancy's Zapata Ranch © Melissa Garvey/TNC
  • 1st Place: People Category
    Colorado scientist Chris Pague shares the wonders of nature with a group of kids. © Audrey Wolk/TNC
  • 1st Place: Species Category
    A lone pronghorn at The Nature Conservancy's Phantom Canyon Preserve. © Carly Voight/TNC
  • 1st Place: Global Category
    An important conservation partner in Kenya, the Namunyak Conservancy. © Jim Petterson/TNC
  • Bison stampede at The Nature Conservancy's Zapata Ranch. © Audrey Wolk/TNC
  • A cheetah in South Africa. © Taylor Hawes/TNC
  • The Nature Conservancy's Mexican Cut Preserve. © Alston Williamson/TNC
  • Crossing the Andes from Chile to Argentina. © Melissa Garvey/TNC
  • Sand dunes at sunset on The Nature Conservancy's Zapata Ranch. © Carly Voight/TNC
  • Discussing grassland conservation in Estancia Los Posos, Patagonia. © Chris Pague/TNC
  • A bullsnake on Smith Canyon Ranch. © Chris Pague/TNC
  • Fishing on the Laramie River. © Diana McDonald/TNC
The Nature Conservancy in Colorado
2013 Staff Photo Contest

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