Faces of Conservation: Angela Nomellini

Angela Nomellini is vice chair of the Conservancy’s California Board of Trustees.

In addition to her role on the Conservancy’s California Board of Trustees, Angela Nomellini is a powerful advocate for education and youth. She cares passionately about providing children with a world and society they can thrive in.

Angela took some time to talk to us about her passions and why she thinks that conservation is critical for our future.
"I’m focused on the future. We must leave our kids a decent, healthy place to live."

Angela Nomellini

Why is conservation important?

Angela Nomellini:

“We don’t inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.” That’s a personal belief of mine and why I feel so strongly about conservation and the work of The Nature Conservancy. We have an obligation to care for the Earth for future generations.

Who influenced your belief in protecting nature?

Angela Nomellini:

My grandparents were farmers in the Central Valley, and I was raised to understand that farmers are stewards of the land. Yes, we can use the land, but we must take care of it. This is our home.

What is it about The Nature Conservancy that is appealing?

Angela Nomellini:

My husband and I were first attracted to the Conservancy because of its non-confrontational approach. They focus on conservation through cooperation. Then we learned about its grounding in science. Conservation has always felt like the right thing to do, but the Conservancy is working to prove the value of preserving watersheds, mountains or lakes, leading to fresh water and clean air.

Is there a human-nature connection?

Angela Nomellini:

Not only do I deeply believe conservation is necessary for the survival of the human race, but the Conservancy is demonstrating that conservation is a smart investment. I appreciate their vision for a strategic approach to our future


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