Faces of Conservation: Jim Morgan

Jim and his wife Becky are helping conserve the northern Sierra Nevada.

“More and more, the world is aware of the fragility of our resources and the need to sustain our planet,” Jim Morgan, California Board of Trustees

Jim Morgan is a member of the California Board of Trustees and the Conservancy's Board of Directors. He and his wife, Becky, are not only working together to conserve the lands and waters of the northern Sierra Nevada, they are actively involved in the Conservancy’s Asia Pacific Council as well as our efforts in China and other parts of Asia.

Most people know the Sierra Nevada, California’s greatest mountain range, for hiking, skiing and other recreational opportunities. But 65 percent of Californians get their water from the Sierras, while the mountain’s forests sequester carbon, help clean our air and produce 33 to 50 percent of the state’s annual timber supply.

Yet much of the Sierra Nevada is at risk from ill-conceived development, wildfire and other threats to its ecological well-being. This is why my wife, Becky, and I co-founded the Northern Sierra Partnership to conserve this critically important region.

The partnership is a pioneering alliance of the Conservancy and four other leading conservation organizations. We realized that if all of us worked together, we could achieve exponential results in fundraising and conservation action.

Loved by Millions

This beautiful and iconic landscape is loved by millions of Californians and visitors from around the world. In fact, the northern Sierra has long been a part of my family’s history and has a special place in the lives of my children and grandchildren. Becky and I knew that by working closely with The Nature Conservancy we could successfully protect this valuable resource. We believe that healthy ecosystems are the foundation of healthy economies.

Protecting Land and Economies

We work with local communities and landowners to protect the watershed, achieve sustainable land uses and enhance local economies. Our goal is a protected water supply, world-class outdoor recreation, healthy forests, natural habitat for native fish and wildlife and working ranches and forests for the citizens of California. We’re developing a cutting-edge strategic approach to conserving the northern Sierra.

We got much added support from Governor Schwarzenegger when he formed the Governor’s Sierra Initiative task force. By acting in concert with the task force, we can maximize our resources and achieve more than ever before. Building a common conservation vision for the northern Sierra—with public, private and non-profit partners—will serve as a model for collaboration in other regions.


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