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Take this interactive quiz to test your knowledge about Monterey County.

Monterey County Quiz

Did you know that Monterey County is one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth?

Test your knowledge of Monterey County with our interactive quiz. Click on the links that you think best answer each question below. Good luck!

  1. This Pulitzer Prize--winning author's books were often set in Monterey County, where he resided for most of his life.

    Frank McCourt

    Frank McCourt | Correct

    John Steinbeck

    John Steinbeck | Incorrect

    John Kennedy Toole

    John Kennedy Toole | Incorrect

    David Halberstam

    David Halberstam | Incorrect

  2. Which California state park is not located in Monterey County?

    Garrapata State Park

    Garrapata State Park | Incorrect

    Fremont Peak State Park

    Fremont Peak State Park | Incorrect

    Zmudowski State Beach

    Zmudowski State Beach | Incorrect

    Montaña de Oro State Park

    Montaña de Oro State Park | Correct

  3. True or False: Salinas Valley is one of the most fertile and productive valleys on Earth.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  4. Which animal cannot be found in Monterey County?

    Bald eagle

    Bald eagle | Incorrect

    Grizzly bear

    Grizzly bear | Correct

    Black bear

    Black bear | Incorrect

    Tule elk

    Tule elk | Incorrect

  5. More than 190 movies have been filmed throughout Monterey County. Scense from Dustin Hoffman's The Graduate were filmed here:


    Carmel | Correct


    Seaside | Incorrect


    Marina | Incorrect


    Salinas | Incorrect

  6. Monterey County is an ecological microcosm of California. Every major type of California ecosystem is found here except:


    Chaparral | Incorrect


    Alpine | Correct


    Desert | Incorrect


    Montane | Incorrect

  7. Agriculture dominates the economy of this city, nicknamed "the salad bowl of the world."


    Monterey | Incorrect


    Seaside | Incorrect

    Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach | Incorrect


    Salinas | Correct

  8. Of the 23 species of bats found in California, how many have been seen in Pinnacles National Monument?


    9 | Incorrect


    11 | Incorrect


    14 | Correct


    21 | Incorrect


0-2 Correct: Hmmm... You still have a lot to learn about Monterey County!

3-5 Correct: You are getting there. Here is some additional information to help you do better!

6-8 Correct: You are a quiz whiz! Now you're ready to unearth Monterey's hidden gems.

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