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Five Ways to Green Your Picnic

When planning your picnic, think about the footprint you leave behind. Here are five easy ways to minimize your impact and keep your picnic green. 

  1. Pack Reusable Tableware. Bring silverware from home, invest in bamboo tableware (it’s light, environmentally friendly and lasts for multiple picnics) or purchase biodegradable products that help reduce landfill waste.

  2. More Is Less. To cut down on waste, bring beverages in large containers rather than in individual bottles if you have a large group. Buy two-gallon jugs of water or ask everyone to bring a steel or aluminum water bottle from home. Bringing beer or wine? Try a 64-ounce growler of beer or some eco-friendly boxed wine.
  3. Walk or Carpool. Choose a picnic locale near your home, and expand your day to include a walk to your destination. Or use public transportation to reach your spot. For places that require a car, fill all your seats! Check out our list of five great places to carpool with friends and family.

  4. Pack Local, Fresh Ingredients. Plan your meal using organic, seasonal produce; grass-fed beef; sustainable seafood; and check out our recipe box to help plan your menu.

  5. Minimize Waste. Think finger foods or dishes that can be enjoyed by a group, rather than packing individually wrapped items. By keeping your packing light, there’s less to pack up when you leave.  

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