Hassayampa River Preserve

Picnic for Earth Celebration

Hassayampa River Preserve, north of Phoenix, is a lush streamside oasis in the desert. Every April, the Conservancy hosts a Picnic for Earth at the preserve to celebrate the planet and all that it provides.

This little girl enjoys an apple at Hassayampa’s Earth Day celebration. The lower a food is on the food chain, the lower its impact on the environment. Fruits, vegetables and grains are great picks for your picnic!

It is important everyone has access to clean drinking water. The Nature Conservancy works to protect important water sources around Arizona and across the globe.

Children celebrating Earth Day learn about plants and the role they play in our world. Conner Troxell plants a sunflower seed and gets to take it home to see it grow.

Using candy for this lesson, Gwen Kowalski teaches children about composting. Composting is a great way to organically fertilize a garden while reusing waste.

Picnickers can take a hike on any of the six trails. If you take the Palm Lake Trail you might see flycatchers flitting around in the treetops. Javelina and grey fox are often spotted on this trail.

On occasion you might spot a great blue heron wading near the cattail thickets in Palm Lake on the preserve.

Sydney Smith, Nature Ranger creator, is always on the lookout for critters and creatures. She enjoys leading children on nature adventures.


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