Chief TNC Scientist Peter Kareiva to Speak at Rainforest Symposium

Notable Scientists Presenting at "Coastal Temperate Rainforests: Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities"

Centennial Hall
Juneau, Alaska
 | February 08, 2012

Peter Kareiva is helping to usher to a new era of conservation and you can hear him yourself at this symposium in Juneau. The symposium, titled "Coastal Temperate Rainforests: Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities," is hosted by the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center. Kareiva delivers keynote addresses at a public reception at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17 and at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 19. Other keynote speakers include:

  • Kirk R. Johnson, member of the Committee on the Importantce of Deep-Time Geologic Records for Understanding Climate Change Impacts, presenting on climate change.
  • Paul Alaback, professor emeritus of forest ecology at the University of Montana, presenting on the international perspective.
  • Gordan Orians, professor emeritus at the University of Washington, presenting on ecosystem and conservation science.
  • Terry Chapin, professor emeritus of Ecology at the Institute of Arctic Biology, Dr. Chapin's research addresses the sustainability of ecosystems and human communities in a rapidly changing planet. He will be presenting on linking sense of place to stewardship.

Dr. Peter Kareiva moved to TNC after 20 years as a university professor and 3 years working on salmon conservation for NOAA Fisheries. His past publications and research have concerned such diverse fields as mathematical biology, fisheries science, insect ecology, risk analysis, genetically engineered organisms, agricultural ecology, population viability analysis, behavioral ecology, landscape ecology, and global climate change. Peter maintains connections with several universities, and still advises students, as well as teaching courses on occasion.

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