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  • Aerial view of Klawock Lagoon.
  • At Klawock Lagoon, scientists are monitoring how a restored fish corridor is improving habitat.
  • Scientists use a seine net to collect fish samples.
  • Klawock Lagoon offers habitat for wild salmon and a range of forage fish species, such as shiner perch.
  • Measuring a juvenile coho salmon.
  • Buffalo sculpin
  • Crescent gunnel
  • Kids are fishing at the site of the restored fish corridor on Klawock Lagoon.
  • “Salmon are now migrating through this restored corridor in the Klawock Lagoon, and this is great news,” says Christine Woll, a fisheries ecologist for The Nature Conservancy in Alaska.
  • Sampling fish
The Nature Conservancy
Nature on the Rebound in Alaska

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