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  • A forest restoration project at Winter Harbor on Prince of Wales Island in the Tongass National Forest yielded second-growth logs of Sitka spruce that are suitable for building log cabins.
  • Detail image of the joinery in the artisan-built cabin.
  • This log cabin, with materials sourced from a restoration project on the Tongass National Forest, is built in the piece-en-piece traditional style.
  • The interior of the log cabin constructed with young-growth logs from the Tongass National Forest.
  • Building the roof.
  • Tools of the trade.
  • Skyline in a quiet Alaska town.
  • The cabin features traditional European 'piece-en-piece' construction.
  • Detail of cabin construction.
  • Bill and Carolyn Thomason, who own the Woodcuts sawmill, at work on the building site.
  • Detailing with a drawknife.
  • Visit from a neighbor.
  • Preparing for a window.
  • Precision joinery.
  • A wall nearing completion.
A (Second-growth) Cabin in the Woods
Wildlife Habitat Project in the Tongass Yields Logs for a Small Sawmill

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