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  • When the wild salmon are running in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, Mae Syverud and her husband, Monte Syverud, tend the family smokehouse at Dillingham, Alaska. © Clark James Mishler
  • Mae Syverud is teaching her grandchildren how to preserve and care for the yearly harvest of wild salmon. © Clark James Mishler
  • People in Bristol Bay have depended on wild salmon, such as these sockeye salmon, to sustain their families for millennia. © Clark James Mishler
  • Mae cares for salmon with the delicate manner taught to her by her own mother. Nothing is wasted. “I pretty much save everything except for the backbone itself and the guts,” Mae says. © Clark James Mishler
  • Salmon are cut into strips prior to hanging in the smokehouse. “When they have that clear glass look,” Mae says, “they’re done.” © Clark James Mishler
Bristol Bay Smokehouse
Mae Syvrud and her family care for their wild caught salmon.

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