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  • Student Tiarna Fischler from Manokotak practices casting.
  • During the week, students learn how to tie several types of knots, like this double surgeons knot shown by student Luke Wilson.
  • Students spend their down time tying their own flies, like this colorful one.
  • Certified casting instructor Mark Huber shows the group proper casting techniques.
  • Mark Huber helps Paul Romie perfect his casting technique.
  • Christopher Casey helps student Angel Alvarez with her casting.
  • Trout Unlimited’s Nelli Williams and student Tiarna Fischler out on the water.
  • Former student and assistant instructor Reuben Hastings and student Paul Romie relax at the Bear Trail Lodge.
  • Bear Creek Trail owner Nanci Morris Lyon and students Angel Alvarez and Melissa Issacs prepare to begin fly fishing.
  • The 2011 Academy students and instructors wave from the Naknek River.
Bristol Bay Fly-Fishing Academy
Training local Alaskan students to be fly-fishing guides

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