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Nature's Madness

The Animal Kingdom's Ultimate Competition

First, the Huskies. Now… the Wolf Pack!


This iconic predator outflew Golden Eagles, outsmarted Owls and finally outmaneuvered the Terrapins to become our 2014 Nature’s Madness Champion.
Nature's Madness is an epic tournament between North America's most tenacious animals; iconic for their strength, agility, and speed. We narrowed it down to Nature’s Elite Eight, and your votes determined the Nature’s Madness Champion.
In real life, these majestic animals are facing their toughest rival yet: habitat loss. The Nature Conservancy is committed to helping nature win. We protect natural diversity to preserve nature and all life on earth.
Thanks to all who voted! Want more Madness?

Get behind-the-fur facts on gray wolves

and learn how conservation is helping their populations rebound.


The Winner!

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