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  • Nature Conservancy ecologist Jeff Lougee paints moth bait on a pitch pine in New Hampshire's Ossipee Pine Barrens.
  • Moths can have beautiful speckles like this one on a sheet.
  • Moths can imitate leaves as a method of avoiding predators.
  • A moth eats bait on pitch pine in New Hampshire's Ossipee Pine Barrens.
  • With a simple black light and a sheet, you can attract dozens of moth species on your own porch.
  • See the moth? This waved sphinx moth is easily hidden against an ash tree.
  • Moths can be colorful, like the orange underwing on this virgin tiger moth.
  • Be very careful about handling moths. All moths, including this blinded sphinx moth, are very delicate.
  • Kids love mixing moth bait and painting it on trees. Later, there's more fun in checking the bait stations.
  • Nothing puts a smile on a kid's face like the act of discovery and science!
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