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Love in the Wild

So you think you’ve had some strange dates? This Valentine’s Day, The Nature Conservancy compiled the top 10 most unique examples of love in the wild.

"The drive to procreate can lead to some pretty wild behavior, especially out in nature," said Heather Tallis, lead scientist of The Nature Conservancy. “Nature’s ability to regenerate and grow – often under the most unusual conditions – is truly amazing."

Unfortunately, many of these creatures are at risk of disappearing forever because of habitat loss, climate change and other threats.

“Nature is eroding before our eyes,” said Tallis. “We need to act now to conserve the stage, and all the wonderful and bizarre players for the next generation to enjoy and appreciate. Dating may seem tough when you're young, but I want my son to know he's lucky that he's not being eaten by his girlfriend.”

Do these wild lovers remind you of anyone? (if so, you can send an e-card to a loved one!)

American Burying Beetle:
“Family Oriented”

Freshwater mussels:
“The Bait and Switch”

Lions: “One Track Mind”

Bower Birds: “Bachelor Pads”

Tree Crickets:
“Smooth Talker”

Day Octopus: “Keep Your Distance”

Little Brown Bats:
“Waiting for the Right Time”

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