Ami in Action

Rain or shine, stormy weather or buggy weather, Ami is exactly where the action is.

By Sanjayan

We have been shadowed on our Expedition by photo-journalist Ami Vitale, whose work has been published in a variety of media outlets including National Geographic. Many of the images you see on the blog are the result of her work.

In addition to keeping up with the Expedition and doing everything everyone else has to do to canoe the river, pitch tents, keep the bugs at bay, and survive, Ami is also always working. Rain or shine, stormy weather or buggy weather, Ami is exactly where the action is.

When Joseph Catholique stalked a caribou and shot it to sustain the kids, Ami was quiet literally at his shoulders. When her canoe hit a rock in some rapids and nearly capsized, she was out of the boat in minutes taking pictures of the rest of us navigating the same rapids. And late at night, she is usually up in her tent, squeezing the last drops of power from our solar powered batteries, backing up and sending her pictures. Usually in her bug suit, Ami can be recognized by Nikon cameras always around her shoulders.

Here are some photos of our Expedition photographer at work.

Use this link to see the full size pictures with captions. 

See Sanjayan’s next post from the Thelon River Expedition.


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