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Gulf of Mexico

Where We Work

Explore an interactive map of the places we protect in the Gulf of Mexico

Learn more about the amazing habitats and species across the Gulf of Mexico that you are helping us to protect. 

Projects by State 

100-1000: Restore Coastal Alabama
Mobile Bay Restoration Project
Oil Spill Threatens Alabama Coast

Coral Reefs – Florida Reef Resilience Program
Florida's Oceans and Coasts
Florida Manatee

Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes
Oyster Reef Restoration Overview 
Vermilion Bay
Grand Isle & St. Bernard Marsh
Native Plant Nursery

Seagrass protection
Protecting Coastal Lands

Half Moon reef
Whooping Crane habitat
Seagrass Protection

Projects by Species

Oyster Reefs
Alabama – Mobile Bay
Alabama – NOAA Restoration Project
Louisiana – Oyster restoration overview
Louisiana – Vermilion Bay
Louisiana – Grand Isle & St. Bernard Marsh
Texas – Half Moon reef

Seagrass Protection & Restoration
Alabama – Shoreline protection
Mississippi – Keep off the grass
Texas – Boater education

Coral Reefs
Florida Reef Resilience Program
Coral Nurseries

Florida Manatee

Whooping Crane habitat
Nesting habitat


Alabama – Dennis Cove Preserve
Texas – Francine Cohn Preserve
Texas – Mad Island Marsh Preserve
Texas – Shamrock Island Preserve
Texas – Texas City Prairie Preserve


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