First Round of Restoration Projects Announced Under NRDA

Conservancy commends Trustees for advancing restoration in the Gulf

Arlington, VA | December 14, 2011

The Nature Conservancy commends the Natural Resources’ Damage Assessment Trustees on the announcement for the draft restoration plan and the first round of restoration projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The magnitude of the oil spill in the Gulf was an unprecedented disaster and requires an unprecedented response,” said Kacky Andrews, the Conservancy’s Director of Oceans and Coasts Conservation. “The NRDA process, including the restoration plan and the projects that result from it, are an important step in returning the Gulf to health. The Conservancy looks forward to continuing to work on the long-term restoration of the Gulf and applauds the Trustees for continuing to encourage public input, and for meeting their goal of announcing the draft plan and first round of projects before the end of the year.”

As important as the NRDA process it, it is only half the equation of successful restoration in the Gulf. The other half is ensuring the passage of the RESTORE Act to return Clean Water Act fines for the oil spill to the Gulf to help fund restoration and the renewal.

The NRDA announcement comes the week after the Gulf Task Force released its combined state and federal strategy to restore the Gulf. Though many plans for the Gulf have been written, this is the first to actively combine state and federal priorities and to seek and incorporate comment from people across the Gulf – in local communities, from businesses, non-profits and government agencies. The strategy is a tremendous step forward for the Gulf and creates a framework to help many people and organizations working in the region actively work toward the same goal.

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