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Gulf of Mexico

Woody Gagliano: Restoration is Good Business

Business and community leaders in the Gulf clearly recognize the important link between a healthy environment and a thriving, resilient economy. Here is one example of a leader working to make a difference in the Gulf.

One of the first scientists to investigate coastal erosion and land loss in Louisiana, Dr. Sherwood “Woody” Gagliano has been CEO of Coastal Environments, Inc., a Baton Rouge-based consulting firm since 1972. He is also the inventor of Reefblk, a patented structure that has been used in the construction of the Conservancy’s oyster reef projects in the Gulf of Mexico. 

“The Gulf of Mexico is one of the nation’s most valuable resources. While it has been bruised, its recovery is not beyond the beneficial effects of environmental management, therapy and healing. We have an opportunity to recognize the irreplaceable value of the Gulf’s bounty and create projects designed, funded, contracted and staffed with a maximum level of local involvement and economic, environmental and social benefits.”

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