Lake Ontario & the St. Lawrence River

Plan 2014 – a modern approach to regulation of water levels and flows

The current regulation plan for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River was developed in the 1950s with the construction of the Moses-Saunders Dam and has reduced the range of water levels to the point of causing extensive damage to coastal wetlands that perform services like filtering water, providing habitat for fish and protecting communities from floods.

Following ten years of study and input from more than 180 stakeholder representatives, today, the International Joint Commission (IJC) has proposed a new plan to balance the needs of people and nature, a plan that benefits hydropower, shipping, hunting and fishing, recreational boating, and shoreline property, while focusing on the health of the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence ecosystem as a whole. The result will be a thriving lake and river system that enhances property values by generating more fish, more wildlife, more tourism, and better recreation opportunities.

What you can do:

The IJC is holding public hearings on the Proposal for Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence from July 14 to July 19, 2013 at locations around Lake Ontario. Attend and speak out for your lake and river!

Tell the International Joint Commission what you think of Plan 2014.

  • Write letters

Find out who your elected officieals are and how to contact them. Then check out templates and information about letters.

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