Climate Adaptation Case Studies

The Why and How of Climate Adaptation

Our vision of “climate smart” conservation considers the benefits to people that result from our actions to protect and restore nature.

We are developing climate adaptation case studies to explain how including future climate change considerations in our project planning strengthens and advances our overall conservation investments. We broadly define climate change adaptation as the process of designing, updating and implementing strategies to account for the impacts of climate change to ensure the highest return on our conservation actions.

Typical steps in creating “climate-smart” projects involve evaluating current and projected changes in climate factors, linking those changes to sensitive species, systems or processes, and ranking vulnerability. These vulnerabilities, when integrated with other stressors on the system, may lead us to change some aspect of our work to make sure highest priority threats are being addressed, and to ensure that we are investing in conservation actions with a high likelihood of providing benefits to nature and people over the long term.

Climate Adaptation Case Studies

Survey Says...!

Illinois’ Vulnerable Species

Minnesota’s Future Forests

Jump-starting Adaptation


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