Whole Foods Market Celebrates Colorado River Day

On July 25, shoppers at Whole Foods in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah helped support our work on the Colorado River.

Voices from the Farm: Colorado

Meet Scott and Theresa High


Voices from the Farm: New Mexico

Meet Wesley James


The Nature Conservancy was honored to be the beneficiary of Whole Foods Market's Community Giving Day on July 25 in 27 stores and three states.

The Nature Conservancy received 5 percent of net sales for the day from each store.

Whole Foods also sold a suite of reusable aluminum water bottles with unique designs inspired by the Colorado River. Five dollars from each sale benefited the Conservancy. We are grateful for the support!

A Fresh Look at Water

The Colorado River supports more than 33 million people, providing drinking water and irrigating many foods we eat, including much of the country’s winter supply of carrots and lettuce.

Meet some farmers who rely on the Colorado River in "Voices from the Farm," a series of videos from our three participating states:

For all of us in the West, the Colorado River is a lifeline to food, water and outdoor recreation as it powers our economy and communities.

A River in Trouble

Researchers suggest that climate change will reduce the flow of the Colorado River by 10 percent by 2050, limiting the amount of water available to people and wildlife. As demands exceed supply and ongoing drought increasingly puts stress on the river, the Conservancy is leading the way toward new solutions in water management:

  • We create more flexibility in water management by finding ways to share water among cities, agriculture and nature.
  • We work with the Colorado River's managers to bring back more natural river flows.
  • We remove invasive weeds that out-compete native plants, damage habitat for birds and fish, and use too much water.

The Conservancy has a long history of working on the Colorado River and its tributaries. In 2008, we formed the Colorado River Program, an unprecedented effort to protect and restore the rivers and landscapes in the basin and to collaborate with other non-profit organizations, water users and policy makers to find innovative new ways to manage water sustainably.

The program’s premise is that people’s needs can and must be met without sacrificing the Colorado River system’s health.

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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