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Places We Protect

Protecting The Bahamas' Lands and Waters

Use this map or browse the list below to explore preserves and places protected in The Bahamas.

The Nature Conservancy works in The Bahamas with the government and local partners to protect ecologically rich places for future generations. The Conservancy has been working in two major sites for several years.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The Bahamas’ first national park, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a 176-square mile park with blue tropical waters, coral reefs and forested cays.

Andros Island

The largest island of the Bahamian archipelago, Andros Island's land area is greater than that of all the other islands combined. Andros is famous for its outstanding reefs, tropical dry broadleaf forests and Bahamian pine forests that cover hundreds of thousands of acres.

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