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This Land Is Your Land

The Conservancy supports a wide array of public conservation projects throughout Australia

In Australia, ancient paintings color desert walls; well-worn tracks connect sacred sites that Indigenous Australians have revered for hundreds of generations. Even the most remote and rough-hewn regions of the Outback reveal evidence of Australia’s 40,000-year relationship with people.

The Nature Conservancy is working to prolong that relationship. We protect the landscapes that sustain Australia’s vibrant natural palette in ways that restore and strengthen the connections people have developed with the land over many millennia.

Fortunately, Australia is embracing conservation. National parks encompass roughly five percent of the country’s area, and a committed coalition of governmental, private and public forces are working to conserve land while keeping it accessible to Australians.

The Conservancy supports a wide array of public conservation projects throughout Australia. These projects protect land while providing for people, and even a short visit can serve as a powerful reminder: the Land Down Under is your land, too.

Carnarvon Reserve

Charles Darwin Reserve

Chereninup Creek

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