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  • An exciting new adventure is underway in the Pacific—and it’s renewing interest in the plight of vulnerable island communities. ©Kat Gawlik
  • On August 29th, the Climate Challenger canoe embarked from Papua New Guinea's Manus Province, where rising sea levels and storm surges are big threats. © Robyn James/TNC
  • The journey is—in large part—the vision of Manuai Matawai (seen here), a conservation officer with the Conservancy who lives in Manus. ©Ruth Konia/TNC
  • This is the Challenger’s route. The crew’s mission: to connect Pacific communities around the growing challenge of climate change. © Google Maps and Terrametrics
  • The Challenger’s launch was met with great fanfare in Lorengau, Manus Province. ©Ruth Konia/TNC
  • Local communities and dignitaries gathered to send the crew off in style. ©Ruth Konia/TNC
  • The Challenger will renew ancient Manusian seafaring traditions and reunite far-flung communities long ago separated by migration. ©Robyn James/TNC
  • The Conservancy's Trish Kas and Charlie Benjamin, the Governor of Manus, arrive at the sendoff. ©Ruth Konia/TNC
  • The voyage is a celebration of the region’s cultural heritage and its dedication to conservation and adapting to climate change impacts. ©Kat Gawlik
  • The Climate Challenger’s nine-person crew includes navigators, dancers and musicians, as well as Manuai. ©Ruth Konia/TNC
  • Local dignitaries joined the crew on board before the vessel’s departure… ©Ruth Konia/TNC
  • …And you, too, can join the Climate Challenger’s crew by following along at the above address: ©Ruth Konia/TNC
A Voyage for Change
The Climate Challenger canoe is setting out across the Pacific to connect far-flung communities around the increasingly pressing issue of climate change.

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