Generations: Jonathan Gorong

My Source of Inspiration

My inspiration in conservation works and sprouting interest in environmental issues has always been my parents and their passion and commitment to its preservation. Berna and Thomas Gorong are both very much involved with the Nimpal Channel MCA project in our community.

Berna acts as the Kaday Community & Cultural Development Organization Administrative support to Nimpal project…

...and Thomas is currently the Project Manager for the Nimpal Channel MCA and oversees all activities done with the Surveillance team as well as monitoring, surveying, and so forth of the MPA.

Seeing them in action in our community as well as in their everyday lives motivates me to follow in their footsteps and to do my part in the effort to help safeguard and protect our precious and fragile environment.

I always view my parents as two separate gears that work together to achieve their goals in life. In my perspective, Mom is the Reasoning and Dad is the Strength.

They discuss issues with Mom pointing out rationale and reasoning for and against, the occasional arguing that comes about on the best way of doing something, and finally coming to a consensus, where Dad gets to put the motions into actions.

This partnership is the same in their involvement with conservation and environment efforts.

My parents’ positive influence on me has spurred my own interest to further my education in Marine Biology and return to Yap someday and help in our island’s environment conservation endeavors and even continue it. To me, my Mom & Dad are my Environmental Champions!


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