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  • Welcome to Raja Ampat, Indonesia, one of the most beautiful and biodiverse places on Earth.
  • This string of islands is perhaps the most important marine habitat on the planet.
  • But it’s equally as important for the region’s people: its fish and resources are necessary for the diets and livelihoods of thousands.
  • Conservancy scientists Joanne Wilson and Sangeeta Mangubhai are embarking on an expedition to Raja Ampat.
  • They’ll set sail on the diving vessel Putiraja with a team of coral reef experts and local community members.
  • Then they’ll spend two weeks studying Raja Ampat’s reefs and determining how to better protect life in the region.
  • You can join Jo and Sangeeta: they’ll be chronicling their journey live via the Cool Green Science blog. Don’t miss the adventure!
Expedition to Raja Ampat
Join two Conservancy scientists on a voyage to one of the world's most incredible marine habitats.

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