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Test Your Knowledge!

Lore Lindu: Test Your Knowledge!

The Conservancy's work with schools around Lore Lindu National Park in Indonesia is helping to train a new generation of conservationists.  How would you fare in a Lore Lindu classroom? Make sure your digital no. 2 pencils are sharpened and find out by taking our translated quiz.

  1. Which of the following is used to manufacture ropes?

    Tree bark

    Tree bark | Incorrect


    Resin | Incorrect

    Fern roots

    Fern roots | Incorrect


    Rattan | Correct

  2. Inappropriate forest logging can lead to ______.

    Fertile land

    Fertile land | Incorrect

    Clean water

    Clean water | Incorrect


    Flooding | Correct

    Happier orangutans

    Happier orangutans | Incorrect

  3. What's the primary use of water taken from Lore Lindu National Park?

    Crop irrigation

    Crop irrigation | Correct

    Textile production

    Textile production | Incorrect

    Slip 'n Slides

    Slip 'n Slides | Incorrect


    Bathing | Incorrect

  4. Which type of bird can be found living in the crevices of Lore Lindu's trees?

    The maleo

    The maleo | Incorrect


    Hornbills | Correct

    | Correct


    Cockatoos | Incorrect

  5. Speaking of the maleo, where does it nest?

    Tree branches

    Tree branches | Incorrect


    Grass | Incorrect


    Houses | Incorrect


    Sand | Correct

  6. Which of the following animals is a pest to people?

    Wild boars

    Wild boars | Correct


    Cuscus | Incorrect


    Hornbills | Incorrect

    The maleo

    The maleo | Incorrect

  7. Which Sulawesi districts contain Lore Lindu National Park?

    Poso and Sigi

    Poso and Sigi | Correct

    Palu and Donggala

    Palu and Donggala | Incorrect

    Morowali and Banggai

    Morowali and Banggai | Incorrect

    Toli-Toli and Buol

    Toli-Toli and Buol | Incorrect

  8. One major threat to Lore Lindu's forests is ______.

    Shifting cultivation

    Shifting cultivation | Correct

    Firewood collection

    Firewood collection | Incorrect

    The harvesting of wild honey

    The harvesting of wild honey | Incorrect


    Tourism | Incorrect

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