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The Halmahera Expedition

The Seven Seas, the team's home and survey vessel for four weeks. It is an Indonesian-style vessel with teak floors, designed as a live-aboard dive boat for remote areas in Indonesia. © Alison Green

The monitoring team: Uda, Andreas, Asril, Ucu, Indra, Ali and Erdi. © TNC

Nemo was found, alive and well in Halmahera. © Andreas Muljadi

Alison Green's favorite pastime — counting fish in halmahera. © Andreas Muljadi

Table corals along the reef edge provide a good fish sampling spot to team member Gerry Allen. © Emre Turak

The team takes a well-deserved shower in a waterfall between dives. © Erdi Lazuardi

A species of dottyback fish bares some impressive fangs. © Gerry Allen

Young bluetangs, or Dory in Finding Nemo. © Gerry Allen

Asril Djunaidi releases a hawksbill turtle far from the village where he bought it. © Erick Zulhikman

A crown-of-thorns starfish eating coral. Marine scientists continue to debate the cause of these outbreaks. © Sterling Zumbrunn

Mark Erdmann and the new species of mantis shrimp he discovered on the expedition! © Erdi Lazuardi

The white-bonnet anemonefish with an orange-finned anemonefish. Two species or one and a half? © Gerry Allen

A crocodile fish lurking in seaweed waiting for lunch to swim by. © Andreas Muljadi

A mantis shrimp showing his raptorial appendages. This one is a smasher! © Gerry Allen

Alison Green with 3 meter high coral spires. © Andreas Muljadi

A motley crew of happy scientists in the heart of the Coral Triangle. © Erdi Lazuardi


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