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  • This golden snub-nosed monkey is intrigued by our motion-capture camera. His buddy, less so.
  • A Temminck's tragopan struts its stuff, showing off its crimson plumage.
  • Caught in the Headlights, Part I: a Himalayan weasel freezes in the flash.
  • Caught in the Headlights, Part II: despite its disguise, this masked palm civet fears its identity has been exposed.
  • You're on our candid camera, musk deer, so smile! Or just stand there. Either one.
  • This takin — a Himalayan goat-antelope — does not seem at all taken aback by the camera.
  • This preened female golden pheasant is runway-ready.
  • A porcupine bristles at its unexpected run-in with a paparazzo.
  • This polite wild boar turns its charm full-bore on the camera, coming across as anything but boorish.
  • And finally, giant pandas!
  • A friendly, fitting welcome to the neighborhood. Keep an eye out here for more visitors...
Know Your Neighbors
Meeting the Residents of Sichuan's First Land Trust Reserve

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